Christian worship has been going on in this church for some 800 years, and for many more before that in the Saxon church, which was near this site, probably to the right of the drive as you approach the churchyard gate.

A church has stood here for at least 700 years. Rebuilt in the 13th Century by the Appulderfield family, then occupiers of the now defunct Otterpley Estate (it was incorporated by marriage into Eastwell Manor Park in the 16th Century). 

Internal Nave & Aisle arches and three pillars were rebuilt in the 1950s following damage in the second world war; also these three roofs were renewed at that time.

One of the gargoyles on the south side of the church.

One 13th century pillar base column and capital remains. There are nine Sarsan stones built into the building.

The dedication is to Ss Cosmas & Damian - known for their healing of animals (especially St Cosmas, note his dog!) and they are reputed to have given their skills for healing people without charge.